miércoles, agosto 29, 2012

Sleep The Night Away

Crack open a bottle of wine,
Let me drink it up,
I'll let you drink up my time,
And steal all my thoughts,

Make them out to be,
What you will have them be,
Smoosh them all up together,
And turn on the blender,

I don't care about my mental state,
Just love me tender,
Cirrosis, I've got no worries,
As long as you remember,
To love me tender,

Touch me with purple soft hands,
Kiss me with velvet lips,
Wanna feel the motion of the ocean?,
Let me feel the music in your hips,

I'll remember to tie your shoes,
So you won't trip,
I'll untangle the noose around your neck and set you lose,
Upon our desertic island bed,

There's nothing that needs to be said,
Only warped images that cloud our head,
That keep us from seeing anything clearly,
The past, the future, the present they all walk away so carelessly,

But you, celophane princess,
You make me wish to be limitless and free,
To feel your sweet caress,
And to hear the music in your sighs,

I fire a bullet across the starry night,
Into the city, through dirty streets,
Piercing billborads and shattering neon lights,
Until it lays itself to rest by your side, and sleep,

Sleep the night away,
Sleep and don't forget to breath,
Sleep the night away,
I'll forget, instead, my black and burning fear to bleed


Only through yer own eyes can you really start to see mate. Society's not the way, and if it is, it's the wrong one. It's whole concept's based on the assumption that we're all alike, when we're not, we're different, and it's whithing that difference that exists our humanity. So fuck the white collars and the legislatures, the law-makers and the lawyers, the politicians and the lobbiests, the judges and the criminals, the cops and the felons, hang them all, and let them all burn slowly in the pire. Burn the flags and constitutions from every country in the world, disband the nations and bring down the boarders and limits. Burn the wallstreet-behaving bastards along with all the bankers and all the other money-mungering whores who fuck people up for a living. Burn the labels you have on God, abandon the believe that those narrow and hard to walk fucking paths, those box size jails, that all the various religions are, are the only ways to peace and love, 'cuz they really lead only to one place, destruction. And those two things everyone's always yappin' on about, exist withing ourselves, they reside only in our souls, they cannot be found out there in the world. That's why some people are miserable in one particular place and others are happy in the same fucking place. Happiness and peace, we choose to show them or hide them, in the end it's up to you, you wanna be happy? Burn the "social" version of "you", exorcise it if you will, only then will you trully come to know who the fuck you are, what you're fucking made of. See life through your own eyes, not through someone else's. Be yourself, let things be, stop trying to be perfect, and be free, only then will you trully be happy and at peace... CHEERS!