jueves, diciembre 23, 2010

The River Wild

The river flows,
To the sea it goes,
It stops for nothing,
Yet it knows everything,
Things that are and were,
It knows before,
The things that will be,

The villagers gathered around,
At the center of the town,
To make their preparations,
When the afternoon died,
They made love in the moonlight,
Yeah, they made love in the night,

Then the drums, they sounded,
They rang in their heads,
To choose the one to be sacrificed,

They walked on down,
To the mighty river,
A woman and her child were drowned,

The river shivered,
It accepted their dear pledge,
Then they layed down
Beside the empty shells, at the edge,
At the edge of the river,
Which grew to cover their mouths,
And their noses too,
It casted the ones whose heart was beating back out,

The river flows,
Into the sea it goes,
But it doesn't go alone,
It's got a mother and her child,
To go along for the ride,
The river wild.
Yeah, the river wild,
The river wild,
The river wild,
The river wild.


Psychedelic Ride

An old indian man came into town,
In my mind I began to hear a sound,
The sound of an ancient song,
My mind was in a trance,
My body started to dance,
Last thing I remember is his glance,
He turned the key and unlocked my mind,
I entered a hidden realm,
Beyond space and time,
My eyes discovered new colours,
My hands a new way to touch,
I felt life oozing out through my pours,
My ears heard his flute play,
I sank into the peaceful thickness of the music,
I listened to the words he did not say,
A deserted land we walked alone,
The notes he played set the tone,
They layed before us a path of stone,
Seven days and seven nights,
Wihtout rest we treaded on,
 Playing that perennial song all along,
A black dove escorted us,
To the back of a blue bus,
And there we got lost,
The music started to die out,
The ground started shaking,
Yet inside the blue bus we stayed waiting,
My mind went blank,
And my eyes faded to black,
When I came to myself I was back,
Right back where I was,
The indian man was coming into town,
Only this time I heard no sound.


Idle Afterlife

The angel of death,
Drew her sweet breath,
On me tonight,
She said it's time to die,
I closed my eyes,
I heard to my surprise,
An unique sound,
In which I drowned,
With nowt a shred of sadness,
I swam in the darkness,
Caught an eternal feeling,
More thrilling than living,
Lighter than air,
I floated away,
No burdens left to bare,
No words left to say,
I left my body behind,
There was no more time,
No future, no present nor past,
Saw the worms feasting on my flesh,
Saw all the things,
That had not yet been,
Things no man ever knew,
Saw the unseen,
I became God,
Also the Devil,
I made love to myself,
The end of the battle
There was no more end,
No more beginning,
I was no longer living,
I was only existing.
Nothing left to die for,
Only emptyness,
Nothing left to die for,
Only purposelessness,
So I borrowed a soul,
And set out on my way,
Came back from the cold,
Came back down to play.
Came back down to play,
Came back down to play,
Idle afterlife,
Idle afterlife,
Idle afterlife



Only through yer own eyes can you really start to see mate. Society's not the way, and if it is, it's the wrong one. It's whole concept's based on the assumption that we're all alike, when we're not, we're different, and it's whithing that difference that exists our humanity. So fuck the white collars and the legislatures, the law-makers and the lawyers, the politicians and the lobbiests, the judges and the criminals, the cops and the felons, hang them all, and let them all burn slowly in the pire. Burn the flags and constitutions from every country in the world, disband the nations and bring down the boarders and limits. Burn the wallstreet-behaving bastards along with all the bankers and all the other money-mungering whores who fuck people up for a living. Burn the labels you have on God, abandon the believe that those narrow and hard to walk fucking paths, those box size jails, that all the various religions are, are the only ways to peace and love, 'cuz they really lead only to one place, destruction. And those two things everyone's always yappin' on about, exist withing ourselves, they reside only in our souls, they cannot be found out there in the world. That's why some people are miserable in one particular place and others are happy in the same fucking place. Happiness and peace, we choose to show them or hide them, in the end it's up to you, you wanna be happy? Burn the "social" version of "you", exorcise it if you will, only then will you trully come to know who the fuck you are, what you're fucking made of. See life through your own eyes, not through someone else's. Be yourself, let things be, stop trying to be perfect, and be free, only then will you trully be happy and at peace... CHEERS!